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Certified Quality

Maricell's quality system is ISO9001:2015 certified, featuring lean and flexible procedures, maximum efficiency, well-distributed knowledge and responsibility and horizontal organisation.

The attention paid to the search for high-quality solutions begins from the choice of the raw materials.

I fornitori vengono selezionati sulla base dell’affidabilità nel tempo e, ancora di più, per la capacità di interagire con il reparto di Ricerca&Sviluppo di Maricell allo scopo di sviluppare nuove varianti di prodotto ed ottenere innovazioni e miglioramenti sul piano delle prestazioni dei materiali e dei processi di produzione.

Maricell quality - research & development
The R&D team constantly monitors and improves the quality of our products, in particular focusing on:
Researching new materials to create innovative foams
Validating new raw materials for continuous improvement
Analysing foam cellularity
Assisting in the composite and framework construction process
Support in the construction process of composites and structures
Maricell quality - research & development
Chemical, physical, mechanical analysis and testing

All raw materials undergo a thorough analysis before being adopted and used in production, and the quality parameters of each production lot are checked. Particular care is dedicated to the analysis and development necessary to minimise the impact of the production on the environment and end users, and to ensure maximum safety in the workplace. Each production stage is checked by a specialised operator in charge, while careful supervision and collaboration among all the corporate departments ensures quality across the entire process. Final checks and repeated chemical-physical-mechanical tests ensure the quality and reliability of the final product.